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It’s the perfect time to prune and deadwood your unsightly trees !

Tree with house - Stump grinding, tree removal in Brighton, IL
Spring is a time when we traditionally do some thorough cleaning around the house – washing windows, scrubbing floors and cleaning out cluttered closets. But did you know that spring can also be a great time to give trees and shrubs a little cleaning? Property Owners generally spend a great deal of time working in their yards during the spring, cleaning up their planting beds, picking up sticks and applying mulch. This is also when the phone starts ringing in the offices at tree service companies.

For tree care companies “cleaning” means to prune out dead, dying, diseased and broken branches from a tree or shrub. Although cleaning can be done any time of the year, spring is an excellent time, just before the plant puts out a new flush of growth.

If your goal is to maximize flowering on spring-blooming trees, however, prune just after your tree or shrub has finished flowering. Pruning after flowering avoids cutting off the flower buds for next year. The general rule of thumb to prune just after flowering can also be applied to plants that flower later in the season.
Most routine pruning to remove weak, diseased or dead limbs can be completed at any time during the year with little effect on the tree. Some trees, such as maples and birches, tend to “bleed” if pruned early in the spring. This may be unsightly, but it is of little consequence to the tree.

Our guys on the job all wear hard hats and safety gear. Tree work is a nasty job and safety is a must. We have zero injuries so far and thank GOD that is the case.

All of our climbers are lone clearance certified so that you can be at ease knowing you are in good hands when we have to be around your power lines or utility lines.

In the last ten years we have had zero accidents on the job which has helped to keep our insurance rates low allowing us just another advantage over the "other" guy.
We serve the entire St.Louis metro area. If it is a tree, we can take care of it for you. I know that most don't want the damage from storms coming down on them, we can help make it go away for good.
Offering free estimates and we work around your schedule so call any time.